I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Banking and Finance at Monash Business School in Melbourne. I teach international banking, mostly, and do research in international finance, trade, macro, and banking. More on this here (personal) and here (uni page).

Before moving to Monash, I was an economist at the St. Louis Fed. My previous job is also a large part of the What and a Why.

What and Why:

I accumulated heaps of graphs at the Fed, they ended up in in-house publications, which I quite loved working on but were also very time-consuming. It is an acquired skill to write blog posts, try!  They have to be sufficiently informative (~ not stupid), but also not too long and boring (because… attention span). Graphs help a lot but they have to be done right.

I feel like all that work is somewhat wasted if buried in old outreach publications so I’m continuing it here, which is useful for my teaching and also to some extent to my research.

I use quite a lot of graphs and data analysis when I teach. I teach international students which these days means a large share of students from mainland China,  and various percentages of Ozzies, Saudi, Vietnamese, some Europeans, Indonesian, Mongolian students, so if there’s any international comparison in a graph I generally use Australia, China, and the US as benchmarks.

I reckon it makes sense to share the background files (in XL) for this work for teaching purposes to others.  I think of it as a public good at this point, so I make available both the plot and the file to be customize according to own individual needs and tastes. All data are public already.

When I can, I use directly the Fred II XL add-in app, so you can update the files quickly. Fred II is a great teaching resource. Here some more tools for teaching with Fred.

What I ask of you/users…

If you use this material, please shoot me a message to let me know for which class or use. Email is contessi.silvio   gmail. I keep track of summary statistics and I generally like to have an idea about end-use.