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First Post: “You must have a lot of time on your hands”

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Power laws everywhere

I am giving a non-technical presentation at the Melbourne Business School Conference "Competition in Banking" today, related to the Productivity Commission report on the topic. Excellent program, congrats to the organizers. This "allowed me" to prepare a number of interesting charts... Continue Reading →

Debt-to-GDP across countries finally (mostly) falling, an update

The IMF WEO came out recently. The new data (and forecasts for  2017, 2018, and 2019) allowed me to update an early chart that shows a powerful comparison of 12 countries in the way sovereign debt accumulated with the Global... Continue Reading →

Market Cap around the World

China's stock market capitalization has grown rapidly in the past 15 years and the country now ranks second in the World

When do you start calling this the Greek Depression?

Between 2008 and 2013 Greek real GDP fell by approximately 27%. This is the 3rd deepest recession after the U.S. Great Depression and the Russian 1989-1998 Depression

The Banking Act of 1933 kills Banks Suspensions

From A History of the FDIC 1933-1983: "The terms "bank suspensions" and "bank failures" are often used inter-changeably. Technically, however, "suspensions" include all banks that are closed because of financial difficulties, whereas "failures" are limited to those suspended banks that were... Continue Reading →

2nd Monash Macro/Finance Workshop

The Department of Economics and the Department of Banking and Finance at Monash Business School hosted a one-day Macro/Finance workshop on 11 April 2017. International speakers include James Bullard (President of the St Louis Fed), Kevin Lansing (San Francisco Fed), and Raoul Minetti (Michigan State... Continue Reading →

Lending in Real Estate must be good business for Australian Banks….

The growth of the share of real estate loans lending for Australia 1990-2016 (yellow slice, bottom pie-charts), could be easily confused for the analogous measure for the U.S. of A. 1980-2007 (purple slice, top pie-charts)...

A worthwhile Australian initiative (at Monash): the Australian Macro Database

A team of prominent Monash-based econometricians has developed an "Australian version of Fred." Can't miss it

U.S. Financial Institutions: Three waves of a failures since 1934

Three financial crises in the U.S. of A.: Failed institutions

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